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Volunteer Disclosure




Colorado Soccer Association (CSA) and its organizational members (Member Clubs), have a great deal of concern about the safety and abuse of children. As a person who is interested in the well-being of children, we believe you are entitled to know how our organization is dealing with this critical issue. In addition, as an applicant for a volunteer/staff position with your organization, you need to know the measures we employ to protect children in our care, as well as volunteers/staff, from this serious problem.

CSA has adopted the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) KidSafe program and it is our intent to make every reasonable effort to deny from participation any person who has been convicted of a crime of violence or a crime against another’s person that would bring unnecessary risk to the health or safety of CSA or member club soccer program participants. CSA and Member Clubs will not tolerate the abuse of any child and will make an active effort to prevent child sexual abuse in our programs. We attempt to screen out molesters through a background check. We try to structure our activities so that volunteers/staff are not left alone with children. We take any allegations by children and others very seriously. We will refer allegations to the State law enforcement authorities for investigation and will fully cooperate in any investigation.

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