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UV-Blocker Umbrellas

  • SUPERIOR UVA/UVB PROTECTION: With UPF 55+ factor, protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays. When reapplying SPF sunscreen every 2 hours isn’t possible, depend on the UV-Blocker Umbrella.
  • ENDORSED BY THE MELANOMA INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION: UV-Blocker umbrellas are recognized by the MIF as effective tools in the battle against skin cancer and a leader in sun safety.
  • STAY 15 DEGREES COOLER UNDER A UV-BLOCKER UMBRELLA: Our patented double canopy vented mesh system allows heat to escape and ensures the shaded area under the umbrella is significantly cooler.
  • PERSONAL AND PORTABLE SHADE: Use your large SPF umbrella for every outdoor daytime activity, including on the golf course, at the beach and park and during sports events. Made for men, women and kids.
  • ALL WEATHER COVERAGE: The UV-Blocker is revolutionary as a sunblock, but equally as impressive to keep you dry in the rain! The specially designed Solarteck fabric repels water and blocks sunlight.


Dedicated to producing products to increase your safety in the sunshine, UV-Blocker Umbrellas safeguards your delicate skin from dangerous and powerful sun rays. Offering a full UPF 55+ protection, you can rest assured that when shaded by this umbrella, your skin won’t be burned or damaged. The innovative Solarteck material has been tested and certified to block 99% of UVA and UVB rays.

Expertly designed and crafted for long-lasting use through many seasons. This windproof umbrella features a soft grip handle and a push button auto-open with an auto-close function. The top is Solarteck’s reflective silver material while the cool blue underside absorbs UV rays. Includes a matching storage sheath.

Relax in the cool shade of your UV-Blocker Umbrella and enjoy outdoor activities on hot days without wilting in the heat! The temperature under this umbrella is approximately 15 degrees cooler than the surrounding air due to our patented venting system, pushing the warm air out and leaving you with pleasantly cooled air.

Never miss opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors! Purchase the UV-Blocker Umbrella and say yes to every invitation to baseball and soccer games, BBQ’s and picnics in the park, sightseeing in the city with friends! Pack up for your next camping trip in the mountains, vacations at the best amusement and water parks and tours of the world’s wonders!

All you have to do is buy and use your UV-Blocker Umbrella and we’ll take great care to protect you while you enjoy fun and sun-filled days!

Large Folding UV Umbrella

The New Large Folding UV Umbrella offers all the best of our Travel Umbrella with additional benefits. It’s still portable, and waterproof, but also strong in design, durability, function, and protection with a wider canopy to block out more harmful UV rays. Despite its larger canopy and longer handle, the Folding UV Umbrella easily collapses to 21 inches. Easily packs into luggage or carry-on. This umbrella is ideal for sightseeing, hitting the links, or a romantic walk through sun-drenched walkways with your favorite honey by your side. Take it along with you wherever life takes you without worry over sun damage to your skin.

UV Protection Golf

Perfect for skin cancer warriors, avid golfers, and kids sports fans. Great in wind and rain, too. Enjoy the great outdoors without worry over sun damage. The UV-Blocker UV Golf umbrella keeps your head where it should be out of the sun and into the game.


Large Folder Golf
Arc Size: 58 inches 62 inches
Weight: 1 lb. 10 oz. 2 lb. 2 oz.
Folded Down: 21 inches 39 inches
Diameter: 48 inches 53 inches
Shaft Length: 21 inches 36.5 inches
Handle Size: 4.5 inches Pro-Grip
Cost: $55 $60

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