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Silent Soccer Saturday(s)

Real Colorado is happy to announce that our seventh annual Silent Soccer Saturday will be on Saturday, October 20, 2018.   On Silent Soccer Saturday, we ask that spectators refrain from any instructions or coaching comments to the players.   We encourage parents to cheer for both teams and refrain from any critical comments or questioning the referees about their calls.  We also ask that coaches keep their coaching to a minimum especially with the U8 and older age groups.  This concept has been extremely successful in clubs all over the country in helping players concentrate and learn to communicate with each other on the field.

We have been listening to our membership’s feedback regarding Silent Soccer Saturday and we have made a few amendments to the protocol for Coaches and Parents.  So even if you are a veteran to Silent Soccer Saturday, please take some time to read the information below.  Thank you!

.What is Silent Soccer Saturday you ask? 

Silent Soccer Saturday is the one day out of the season in which we request that parents and spectators not to instruct players during the game. Coaches can let the players play.  We do understand that the younger the team the more help players need from their coaches. For teams that are U8 and older, we believe that players can make their own decisions especially when they have the ball.   Clapping and cheering for both teams are allowed and encouraged, especially when a player scores a goal or makes a big save!

This might sound like a radical idea but the addition of Silent Game Days has been met with huge success rates all over the country.  Soccer is a free-flowing game in which players are encouraged to make their own decisions on the field.  This is especially true when players have the ball at their feet.  Oftentimes it is the players’ themselves who report the most positive feedback about Silent Game Days, because the game belongs to them.

.Objectives of Silent Soccer Saturday

  • To give players a chance to trust their skills and instincts without sideline input, and without concern that their mistakes will be corrected from the sidelines in a game environment.
  • To foster leadership skills among the individual players as they have the unique opportunity of giving instruction on the field.
  • To foster a sense of true teamwork as the players must learn to rely upon one another and communicate with each other accordingly.
  • To remind coaches, parents, and players that PRACTICE is the time for instruction. Games are the showcases for learning.
  • To remind everyone that youth soccer is primarily for the purpose of kids playing, learning and having fun.
  • To support our referees and game facilitators.

What is your role on Silent Soccer Saturday?

  • Spectators – We request that spectators make no coaching comments about the game or direct any instruction to the players, coaches or referees. We encourage parents to clap and cheer for players from both teams to promote a positive environment for both teams.  Every player loves hearing “great effort”, “fantastic save”, “good teamwork”.
  • Coaches of U8 and older teams – Silent Soccer Saturday is the perfect day for coaches to see how much their players have learned throughout the season.   We do not want coaches to be completely silent, rather we want you to focus on letting the game be the teacher.  Coaches should focus on coaching players on the bench and give feedback after they leave the field or before they re-enter the field.  You can also coach your players before the game or during halftimeWe do expect that there may be some times during the game that coaches may need to give some instruction.  Remember the goal is to coach minimally and encourage your players to talk to each other on the field.  We recommend that all of your coaching feedback be brief, positive and specific
  • Players – Players are encouraged to speak to each other on the field as normal.  Players are free to support each other and provide direction to each other when on the field.  Substitute players on the bench may cheer for their teammates but are not to provide coaching instruction from the bench.
  • Referees / Game Facilitators – for this special day, referees are being asked to remind the spectators and coaches about these guidelines.  Continue to verbalize often during the game as you normally would.  You are there to help the players have a safe, fair and fun experience.
  • U5, U6 and U7 Coaches – Coaches in these age groups are allowed to coach during the game.  We do ask that you try to keep your coaching to a minimum and only give direction when needed.  It is especially important to allow the players to make their own decisions when the ball is at their feet.  We understand that there are some players who are playing in their first or second season of soccer and that those players will need more encouragement and direction.

WE ASK OUR REAL COLORADO FAMILIES FOR THEIR SUPPORT.  Please enjoy watching your children experience the game in silence on Saturday, May 5th, 2018.

   Quiet please, kids at play.  Let the game be the teacher today.