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Real Families,

We hope everyone is managing through these difficult times. As we prepare to bring kids back to the fields, please be aware there will be certain measures taken to ensure everyone’s safety. Parents and athletes may be asked to take extra precaution. Understandably, there are different sides of the debate as to how we should “return to normal”. It is not our objective to take a stand in that debate. We will do everything possible to return to play while adhering to health and government restrictions.

As with most information about this virus and best practices, the information is changing often. Real is in constant contact with local, state, and national bodies to make sure the standards have been met to successfully get kids back on the pitch. Fortunately, Colorado data has been trending in the right direction. Returning to the field will most likely involve new behaviors. You should have received the Return to Train Protocol email (downloadable PDF below) from your team by now, and more recently, a COVID-19 specific waiver. Simple, common-sense measures can make a big difference. However, before being allowed to return to the field, we may require ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF ALL NEW GUIDELINES IN PLACE AND ACCEPTANCE OF THE RISKS TO PLAYERS, PARENTS, AND ALL PARTICIPANTS DURING ANY EVENT BEFORE A PLAYER CAN RETURN TO THE FIELD. To that end, here are some steps you may be asked to take before and during events:

  • taking temperature and general health screening, before and during activities
  • submit to location tracking information if necessary
  • spaced parking
  • use of own balls, water, towels, jerseys, equipment
  • keeping safe distances
  • having and using wipes & sanitizer
  • no contact with infected persons within 14 days

Please understand that Real is doing everything possible to get our athletes back on the field. Parents, players, coaches, administrators, referees, field workers, medical staff, and all those that support soccer and youth sports broadly are working together and under the guidelines of state and local governments and health organizations. It is a group effort. We want to play, but also want to be as safe as possible. There are various governing bodies. Safety is always a top priority. That has taken a new meaning.

Out motto has been “It’s how you play the game”. I think this holds true to how we comply with safety guidelines. When the time comes, let’s play the game of practicing responsible behavior the best we can.

A couple good links related to returning to play protocols and risks:

Indiana Soccer Association Return to Play Protocols

The Risks – Know Them – Avoid Them

Please refer to Real’s Covid-19 information page for updated information and links to other resources.

Real Colorado Return to Play Protocols – revised June 2nd, 2020

We will see you soon.

Stay safe.