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Reschedulement Form

Important Reschedulement Information

Real CO Makeup Request Procedure

  • 1.   Approved CSA Reasons for Rescheduling:
  • Head Coach Game Conflicts (not personal conflicts)
  • Family tragedy
  • Natural disaster
  • State Cup/Presidents Cup Finals and Semi-finals weekend – not for pool play
  • Out of State Tournament Travel (CSA approved in advance)
  • National Testing Day (ACT, SAT)
  • All other reasons, except field closures, are unapproved.
  1. 1st Preferred Makeup Strategy would be to change an away game conflicting with a home game, i.e., work with opponent to change the conflicting game on their field rather than change your home game.
  2. If your team is making the request, you are responsible to fill out CSA form.
  3. For changing Real home games, all Makeup Game Requests must be submitted via our online form here.  No email requests asking what is available. No emails detailing situation. No requests for specific times or fields. The entire process is handled via submission of this link.
  4. All Make Up Game Requests must be submitted by 4pm on Tuesday the week prior to the originally scheduled game or new date, based on the situation.
  5. 2nd Preferred Makeup Strategy is Original/Same Date to Different Time, Same Day:
  6. Use Submission Form – indicating new start times possible. For example, “Same date, start time before 11am or earlier; start time 2pm or later” in the Desired Time spots.
  7. Available Makeup Times/Days will be provided at the beginning of the league season.
  9. PLEASE REMEMBER that you cannot submit a makeup game request without your opponent’s agreement to all dates/times you are submitting.  If you propose dates, it is our assumption that both teams are in agreement, and we will reschedule based on the dates ASAP.
  10. $50.00 RE-SCHEDULING FEE – PLEASE REMEMBER that if you cancel and reschedule a game that has already been rescheduled, there will be a $50 fee assessed by Real (in addition to the CSA fee, if applicable) before the second makeup will be scheduled. (If your opponent requests the change, you should collect from them). The obvious exception to this policy is weather cancellation; no fee, in that case.We will communicate with only one person per team on rescheduling games. We do not want to hear from coach AND manager.
  11. Do not send repeated emails requesting status. If you haven’t heard anything within a week, email Submissions will be checked daily and makeup games will be scheduled ASAP, in order they are received.
  12. Emails for clarification on the process are okay.
  13. Once you have received new game date/time/place from Real, you must submit the CSA Game Change Request. You must include original game info, new game info, reasons for request and a valid credit card number as part of the submission.
  14. NOTE: CSA Gotsoccer schedule may not be updated with the new info.  BUT, if you have been provided with a makeup schedule from the Real office, that means it has been scheduled with the referees and they will be showing up at that time, date, place, regardless of what CSA Gotsoccer schedule says.  Please let your opponent know this, too.                 

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