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Game Rescheduling FAQ's for Centennial and Champions League

Game Rescheduling FAQ’s for Centennial and Champions League

 What are the deadlines for rescheduling CSA League Games?

  • Two important deadlines:
  1. CSA Game Change Window – 8/9-8/16/19, 4pm for Fall 2019
  2. After 8/16, game change requests must be submitted by 4pm on Tuesday the week prior to the game date. EXAMPLE:, 9/14-original date so Real Form is due by 4pm, Tues., 9/10
  3. If a Real Form submission is submitted after 4pm on Tues., the game will not be changed for that weekend.

 What is the CSA Game Change Window?

  • 7 days from the date of CSA League Schedule release date. (8/9-8/16/19, 4pm for Fall ’19)
  • This is the window for teams to ask opponents to reschedule games for ANY reason, without penalty from CSA.
  • This includes Head Coach Conflicts and per CSA rules, this is the only time coach conflicts are an approved reason to reschedule! THIS IS NEW FOR THIS YEAR! Click here for CSA Rules.
  • As long as communication is made via Real Form, by 8/16 noon, even if the change is still being finalized, the request will meet the deadline.
  • Always save all communication between teams when requesting a re-schedule. If a dispute arises, this documentation must be provided to CSA.
  • Note: there is NO REQUIREMENT that a team change a game when asked if the change absolutely will not work for them, HOWEVER, it is Real policy to change games when requested, if possible. Exception: State/Presidents Cup Semis and Finals scheduled for the Sunday after a league game – requests must be honored.

After the CSA Game Change Window Closes, are there limited reasons for requesting a game change?

  1. Family tragedy
  2. Natural disaster
  3. State Cup/Presidents Cup Finals and Semi-finals weekend – not for pool play
  4. Out of State Tournament Travel (CSA approved in advance)

All other reasons, except field closures, are unapproved, and will result in a $100 fine by CSA.

Specifically Not Allowed: spring or fall break, prom, homecoming, injured or absent players, coach inability to attend. If a team makes such a request, they are subject to the $100 fine.

***If you absolutely must reschedule (whether your team or opponent request) for any unapproved reason, please email your staff coach to get permission. All girls teams-  All boys teams –

What should I do when the CSA League Schedule is Posted?

  • Does my coach have 2 or more teams?

If so – you, your coach and other manager must get together immediately to determine what games need to be rescheduled.

NOTE: if the conflict(s) are between AWAY and HOME games, always try to reschedule the AWAY game first due to limited Real field availability.

  • Is my team attending a travel tournament when we have a scheduled league game?

If so- you must submit a Request to Change League Game for Travel Form found on and follow directions below to reschedule. You can reschedule before you receive approval from CSA but their form has to be submitted.  Opponents may request it.

  • Since the 7-day window has no restrictions as to reasons, if there are any other schedule issues of which you are aware, consider those now, not later. AGAIN, head coaching conflicts must be addressed during this window!

 What is the procedure if my team wants to change a game?

Time constraints for working with opposing teams to reschedule any games listed in CSA Rules.

If it is an AWAY game:

  • You or your coach contact the other team (via the contact information provided at the top of your team schedule page in gotsoccer) to request the game change, providing 3 new dates when your team is available within the parameters of their club’s process for makeups.
  • Note, when rescheduling an AWAY game, you must work with your opponent to play on their fields. We cannot reschedule away games on Real fields.
  • You do not submit the Real Form and this office does not need to know about an away reschedule at all.
  • Your team manager must complete the CSA game change approval form ASAP, including providing a credit card number (team debit card), once your opponent provides you the new game date, time and field info. You will need the original game info to complete this form.
  • You will receive a receipt from CSA when they get the form and then an approval when their process is complete, which you should pass on to your opponent, confirming the reschedule.
  • If an opponent contacts you to reschedule an AWAY game, you must give them 3 new dates and their team is responsible to complete the CSA Approval Form, and again, Real does not need to know about it.

If it is a HOME game:

**  If your team wants to reschedule your HOME game: LIMITED TIMES TO RESCHEDULE HOME GAMES LISTED BELOW– please review!

  • You or your coach contacts the opponent (contact info on gotsoccer schedule), asking for 3 new dates.
  • You submit the Real Reschedule Form providing all info requested – you must provide 3 new options!
  • You cannot request specific fields or times, EXAMPLE: Do not request 9/29, 9am, Heritage Stadium. Do request Morning, 9/29.
  • I will respond ASAP with the new date/time/field via email with instructions and the link to the CSA Approval Form, which you must submit.
  • If the reason for the reschedule is for an unapproved CSA reason, but the opponent has agreed, then your team will be charged the $100 fine.
  • It is your responsibility to be sure your opponent is aware of the reschedule.

** If your opponent requests a change to your HOME game:

  • The very first and best option is to ask them if they can play on the original date at a different time. You still need to provide 2 other backup dates, in case we do not have field availability on the same day.
  • If that doesn’t work, see the available times below and work with them for 3 new dates within those parameters.
  • Once you agree on 3 new dates, you submit the Real Reschedule Form, as indicated above.
  • We will respond ASAP with the new date/time/field via email with instructions and the link to the CSA Approval Form, which the opponent must submit.
  • You should forward the email Real sends so they have the new game info to submit the CSA Approval Form. They will confirm with you once the game is approved.
  • Once new game info is provided, we do not need to hear back from you, unless a problem arises.


  • Sundays starting at 9am on RCSC2 (9v9 or 11v11 – ONE FIELD ONLY)
  • Sundays starting at 1:00 pm on RCSC1 
  • Sundays starting at 1:00 pm at Heritage Stadium Field (11v11)
  • Sundays starting at 1:00 pm at Heritage West fields (9v9 or 11v11)
  • Friday afternoons/evenings at Redstone (11v11) (light permitting)
  • Friday at 7:30 at Heritage Stadium (11v11)

How do the referees know about rescheduled games?

  • For rescheduled home games, referees are assigned by Real via the CSA Approval Form.
  • So this form MUST be submitted ASAP once there is a reschedule.
  • If CSA approval is not provided, referees could show up to the original game time, in which case, the referees will fine the teams AND, no referees will show up for the new game.

Is there anything else we should know?

  • Please do not email to ask what is available for any reschedules. Spots cannot be saved so any info given could be gone by the time you submit your request.
  • Do not request week night reschedules, as there is no availability.
  • As long as this process is followed, NO Fines will be charged, so do not worry! Just follow the process.
  • Be aware that often teams will give you dates and by the time you get the info submitted and we get the new info confirmed to you, they may say that date was taken for another reschedule. BE SURE to let them know (as friendly as possible!) that you are holding them to these dates, and there could be problems if they give them to another team. 
  • Once a game is rescheduled by this office, there will be a fine from Real to reschedule again so always act quickly to get back to opponents.
  • Check the time constraints for working on a reschedule set out in the CSA Rules.
CSA Rules for Rescheduling Games

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