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New Coach Information Guide


Coach Information Guide

We at Real would like to thank you for considering to volunteer to coach a recreational soccer team this season.  Being a positive part of not only your child’s life but other children’s lives is a valuable and rewarding experience.  These are the years they will remember and we are sure that you will as well.

This guide is created with the intent of helping a first time coach navigate their way thru this first season or as a reminder to returning coaches on our process.

Getting Started

Sign up! On your child’s registration simply click the volunteer box and then choose the Head Coach option.  For a few exceptions, if you sign up I can generally form you a team.  Next, coaching communication will begin with an email about Practice Field Request Forms and Notice of Coach Meeting roughly one month before the season starts.  Practice forms are organized on a first come, first served basis.  Final practice night/time/location approval will be in your Coach Packets, available at the Required Coach Meeting.

•     Most practice fields, especially any that are game fields with lines and goals, should be expected to be shared with one other team for practice.  So each team will get one side.

•     Real does not provide practice equipment.  If you find your team needs items such as cones or pennies  we suggest to ask team members or check garage sales or consignment sports stores.

Along with your Practice Request Form email will be the notice of the RequiredCoach Meeting.  This is where you will come to pick up your coaching packet.  This will have your team roster, practice information as well as your game schedule (or directions on how to find it online).  There will also be other items available to help you with your season.  If you can not make the meeting you can have someone come for you or you can pick it up at our office during office hours in the days that follow the meeting.  You will be required to meet with one of our Staff Coaches if you need to pick up your information after the meeting.  Parents are waiting to hear from you as they are not aware of your practice information.  It is requested you contact your players, either by phone or email, within 3 days of the Required Coach Meeting.

Home Team wears red jerseys and Away Team wears white jerseys.

First Practice

Plan a few extra minutes to speak with your team’s parents.  You can introduce yourself and your visions/goals for this season.  This is also the time to ask for an Assistant Coach as well as a Team Parent.  Your Assistant will be responsible to help at practice, keep track of time and substitutions during games, as well as fill in for you if you are unable to make a set practice or game.  The responsibilities of the Team Parent are to help administrate the needs of your team.  They can get a phone tree established for late cancelations of practice or games.  This person can also research photo options, plan and organize the team party, and research any trophy or medals the team might like to give to the players.  They are also responsible for the ever important snack schedule.

Real Colorado Website

Make this a point to become familiar with our website and your Team Page.  Our splash page will give you updates to any field closures and rescheduled game dates.  Your Team Page can be accessed by logging onto your personal family account.  From there you can click onto your team name to view the Team Page where you can see the complete game schedule and team roster.  Under the Recreational tab you will find the following:

  • Age group rules – good to print out and keep with you
  • Directions and Maps of all of our fields

Completing a *Volunteer Disclosure is mandatory for every coach with Real Colorado.  There is a cost of $8 to complete.  This background check process will be completed by CYS (Colorado Youth Soccer), our state soccer governing board.  The disclosure is good for 2 years.

Head Coach

Head Coaches in our recreational program will receive a credit once the season is over for ½ of their child’s registration fees that they are coaching.  Only one child’s registration fee per team will be credited.  Credits can be used for future season’s fees or for camps.

Reschedule Policy

As weather in Colorado always keeps us guessing, we do have a general policy for rescheduling games.  If a game is canceled due to weather, it will automatically be rescheduled for 8 days later, on a Sunday, same time and place.  However, since we do have a few holidays that we avoid playing on, this policy can be altered if needed.  Please confirm with our website for exact dates. Games should never be rescheduled by coaches during the week as this tends to interfere with other teams practices.  The Home Team should also communicate with the Away Team if there is a reschedule.  You will have a Coach Contact Sheet in your Coach Packet given to you at the coach meeting.  There can be no reimbursements for games canceled sue to weather, acts of God, or forfeits by opposing teams.

Coach Clinics

To maintain our high standards and ranking as one of the best youth soccer clubs in the USA, our goal is to ensure our young players are receiving the best possible education.  In order to achieve this we offer  levels of coach clinics to help our coaches develop the love of the game in all of their players.  Real Co Soccer offers both free and paid certifications courses.  A complete schedule will be included in your coach packet at the beginning of the season.

March  2019
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