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Support REAL Colorado Soccer


Real Colorado is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to setting the standard for the youth soccer experience.

We believe It’s How You Play the Game that counts, from playing with integrity on the field, to growing relationships and building community, to creating a fun and exciting experience that grows with all of our youth athletes.

We are looking for donors and sponsors to help us move our club forward in ways that will pay dividends for our community for years to come. Together, we can make the communities where we operate, better, because of our presence.

How Can You Become Part of Our Growing Program?

Click the links to the below to learn more about our giving programs, or click the green button above to donate today. If you have another area you would like to support Real Colorado in developing or furthering, you can designate your donation to an area more personal too you.  For some, you just have a heart for giving and you can simply donate to our general fund through the Colorado Gives link at the top of the page.

To make your tax-deductible donation now, click the Colorado Gives logo to visit our donation page or email Jared Spires at for questions and information

You Make a Difference!

Each year, Real invests a portion of its budget to enable students who couldn’t otherwise afford to play soccer, to join the game.  Our club and its donors have enabled many of our players to not only afford a season of soccer, but to play throughout their youth, often earning a college scholarship because of the skills they gained at Real.  We offer college preparation workshops and on-going gifts to help players of every age afford to participate in the game.

Every gift counts and makes a difference for Real Colorado, but if you are interested in donating with a target in mind, the information below can help.

Purchase a soccer ball for a player

  • $15 purchases a soccer ball for a player.  Things many of take for granted have to be sacrificed for essentials such as food, rent, and utilities.  $15 is all it takes to get a ball to a player.

Purchase a Uniform for new recreational player to Real Colorado

  • $35 purchases a red and white jersey, black shorts and socks or our newest players to Real Colorado.  Every year we have more requests for uniform support than we can grant.  Consider making a $35 donation on Colorado Gives Day!
  • $85 purchases a Nike red and white jersey with number, black shorts, black socks for our players and teams who begin competing against peers from other clubs in Colorado.

Adopt a Cubbie – An introduction to soccer can change a life.  It can lead to friendship, an active lifestyle, improve success and attendance in school.

  • $85 covers the registration cost of our youngest players at Real Colorado.

Adopt a Recreational Player – Our goal at Real Colorado is to provide an opportunity to fall in love with the game of soccer no matter the ability or level.  Our recreational program ensures no player is left behind.  With a volunteer network of coaches led by our staff at Real Colorado, our recreational program provides soccer for players regardless of level.

  • $200 provides the season registration fee for most of our Real Colorado recreational programming.  Being involved in youth sports is directly related to better students, happier kids, more success with friendships and a healthier lifestyle.  $200 opens to keeps the door open for an 8-14 year old who just loves to play.

Interested in a Larger Commitment

Real Colorado is nationally recognized for the development of our players.  This is evidenced by our team and player success at the state, regional, national and even international levels.  As players achieve higher levels of success, the cost goes up to participate, and for our talented players who do not have the financial resources to continue, our scholarship program is often the difference between them dropping out of soccer and getting loans to attend a local college to getting an athletic scholarship to a college, local or national, getting the support from the school in both their academics and athletics and often changing their story in a significant way. For each of these scholarships, the donor will get a letter from the player they support detailing the opportunity it provided them.

  • $1000 covers the cost of a trip to a National Showcase or out of state tournament.  These opportunities are often the favorite memories of players off the field, but are the platform to be seen by college coaches and open up doors that might not open otherwise.
  • $2000 generally provides most players the ability to play both fall and spring for a competitive program.  While all players play to have fun, some find fun in participating in select environments where like ability players are brought together to compete against like ability players.  Beginning at 8 years of age, our select programs provides players with professional instruction, training and opportunity to their reach their potential as soccer players.
  • $4500 supports the cost of our elite programming on an annual basis.  Real Colorado competes at the highest levels nationally in the ECNL and MLS Next leagues.  Each program is designed with the elite athlete in mind and requires a full commitment of time, talent and treasure.  With year round training and games, 6-7 annual trips, the cost of these programs would be a limiting factor for many families were it not for the support of Real Colorado through donations from people and business likes you and yours.  Every year there are players in this program who are 100% dependent on Real Colorado to provide their soccer opportunity.  This significant sum of support has set so many Real Colorado players onto college opportunities they turned into professional careers both in soccer and out of soccer.  Their stories are often incredible and the odds they beat to even make it to this level of competition is a story in and of itself.

Your gift to our scholarship program has a direct impact to the future of our players and their education, both on the field and out in the world.  To make your tax-deductible donation now, click the Colorado Gives logo to visit our donation page or email Jared Spires at for questions and information

Support the Development of our Home!

Through generous support from our membership, Real Colorado is making steady progress on the build out of our Soccer Complex, a future home for every player and family in our club.  We are seeking both private and corporate donors to further the build out of our Complex – read on to discover why it matters to your future at Real Colorado and how you can be part of this important piece of our club.

Why Build?  The Vision for Real Colorado Soccer Complex

  • Real Colorado sets the standard for how youth soccer is played, offering the most comprehensive program available from the youngest player to the elite athlete at the highest levels of soccer competition in the country.
  • The fields that our players use today are rented to us seasonally by local parks and school districts, giving us little influence over field quality, availability and cost.  As a non-profit organization, field rental is a huge expense, and one that we can reduce and invest back into other areas of the club once we are able to own and operate our own fields.
  • If we are to continue to offer the best soccer experience available, that includes offering our programs year-round on high quality, well-maintained fields.  To secure this future for our club, Real Colorado is building a new 23 acre soccer field complex, just North of E. Lincoln Ave. and S. Peoria St., between Highlands Ranch and Parker, Colorado.
  • When completed, our soccer complex will be the most comprehensive in Colorado, serving as the heart of our club – a home for our club’s families, a community center for the development of youth players, and the launch site for the next great soccer player or great leader of tomorrow.  When fully completed, our soccer complex will include:
    • 3 lighted synthetic fields – 2 fields completed, 1 partially lit
    • 1 lighted championship grass field – field completed and partially lit
    • 4 lighted futsal courts
    • A goaleeper and finishing area
    • A clubhouse with space for team celebrations, special events, meeting rooms, computer labs, equipment checkout, an community area for parents to relax during training, players to do homework and a home for our staff. 

Be Part of Building our Soccer Home
Our path to raise the funds for this project relies on the generosity of our club, along with foundation support, corporate fundraising and budget re-allocation.  Future phasing will be determined by the success of our fundraising efforts and we need your help to continue building this dream.

There are many ways to support the building of our new soccer Complex home:

  • Get Involved.  Follow the build-out of our Complex on our Facebook page.
  • Become a Sponsor.  Know a business that would be interested in becoming a sponsor of the Complex?  We have many sponsor opportunities available that provide great brand exposure for local businesses.  To find out more, Jared Spires, Chief Operations Officer at Real Colorado
  • Donate.  By visiting Real Colorado’s page on Colorado, you can earmark donated funds to go directly to the building of our Complex. Real Colorado is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization – your donation is tax deductible.

To make your tax-deductible donation now, click the Colorado Gives logo to visit our donation page or email Jared Spires for questions and information.

Amazon Smiles - Donate By Simply Shopping At Amazon

I would imagine that almost everyone of us uses Amazon at some point to purchase gifts, necessities, groceries, cloths and nearly anything in between.  Did you know by simply going to AmazonSmile you enjoy the same discounts, same service, but Amazon will donate .5% of the purchase to a charity of choice?  All you need to do is shop through AmazonSmile and select Douglas County Soccer Association ( we do business as Real Colorado) as your charity of choice.  Have a different charity, that’s okay, but please select one so Real or another charity can benefit from this free program too you.  With Black Friday approaching and the beginning of the season of giving, we hope you will consider Real as your charity of chose and just think, without losing any benefit, you can benefit a charity and help them do better and more of what they are currently doing.