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Colorado Gives Day is December 8th. This year has been challenging, to say it politely. Most families and businesses have been affected – psychologically and monetarily. Real and its coaches, staff and players are no different.

Charitable giving during challenging times may sound illogical, but this is when it is needed most. In addition to helping an organization you are affiliated with, there are psychological benefits when giving to a familiar cause. A study found donors’ positive feelings are amplified when they give to organizations where they have a social connection. “… donors feel happiest if they give to a charity via a friend, relative or social connection rather than simply making an anonymous donation to a worthy cause.”[i]

Additional benefits of giving to Real include:

  1. The ability to direct your funds to a specific program. This provides a sense of knowing exactly how your funds are being used. Two major areas are the scholarship fund and the Real Complex. Earmarking where you want your dollars to go ensures they are used for that purpose. If there is no designation, the money goes to the general operating budget.
  2. Giving to Real supports a local organization, which is especially relevant this year.

No donation is too small. Each one counts. Large ones are very much appreciated, but that is not the only way to make a difference. Imagine if your child’s team suddenly was able to play in a tournament. We probably would not think twice about the registration cost. Instead, if everyone on that team gave just a fraction of their respective fees, it would be substantial. In fact, donations will have a more lasting effect than a weekend tournament – both for the club and your well-being.

There is no need to wait until December 8th, either. You can submit a donation through our website and schedule it for Colorado Gives Day.

Thank you for your support.