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Colorado Sports Video

College recruiting is extremely competitive. In many respects it is similar to job hunting. To catch a college coach’s attention, you need to create a Player Highlights Video that he/she can easily watch.

You can look at the Highlights Video as the player’s resume. Just as with any resume, the higher the quality of the Highlights Video the higher the chances of the player being noticed.

Different sports require different types of Highlight Videos. In sports such as soccer, players need to show their skills during games. As a result, players need to record a number of games to obtain the necessary footage. Typically, 3 to 5 games is enough.

Good Highlight Videos will focus on the skill set relevant to the player’s position. For example, showing a forward how far she can throw-in the ball may not be relevant.

These videos are typically 3 to 5 minutes long. Longer videos are not necessarily better. The quality of the footage is critical for the coach to easily and clearly see the player in action.

Colorado Sports Video (CSV) offers two types of Highlight Videos. The Premier Profile Video, which groups the plays by skill, and the Traditional Profile Video, which shows the plays chronologically.

Due to Real Colorado’s Partnership with CSV, Real Colorado Players receive a special $50 discount in the creation of their highlight Videos.

For additional information about CSV’s highlight videos, such as cost, time to create them etc., please follow the link below: