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Every once in a while there is a time when a coach/player or coach/parent might experience a difference of opinion requiring a conversation or meeting for clearing of the air or possible resolution.  During these times it is important for all parties to observe certain ground rules in the hopes of finding a positive direction forward.  Real Colorado has set forth the following plan for working together and would ask each family to adhere to these expectations.

Communicate the concern with your coach.

  1. When a concern arrives related to the action, choice or behavior of a coach, please wait 24 hours to address the situation.  This time is helpful in diffusing emotion for both parties involved.
  2. Remember our coaches often times have full time responsibilities outside of their coaching and their time must be respected.  Give them a few times that are convenient to chat for you as a starting point.
  3. Give a coach at minimum 48 hours to respond back.

If you are not able to resolve the situation the following steps should be taken one at a time until resolution is completed.

  1. Email or call the Real Colorado staff member in charge of the age group in question.
  2. Email of call Shawn Comegys – Technical Director Boys, Lyle Lebere – Technical Director Girls, or Theresa Echtermeyer – JA and Rec.
  3. Email Lorne Donaldson – Executive Director of Coaching

Keep in mind that mutual respect, looking for common ground, keeping an open mind, and remembering both parties are on the same side of the fight are each critical pieces to constructive conversation between parties.

If the concern is directly related to concerns of child abuse or neglect, please contact Jared Spires directly.