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Real Colorado has proven year after year to be a great environment for the player looking to continue their soccer playing experience into colleges.  With the national average being less than 2% of high school players continuing to play into college, Real regularly sees 30%-35% of our seniors getting the opportunity to play collegiate soccer.  Regardless of the level you are hoping to play, the following forms along with support from the professional staff at Real Colorado can make the process much easier and friendlier.

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Class of 2021

Real Colorado Class of 2021

Congratulations to our class of 2021 on your National Signing Day.  Your dedication and hard work both on the field and off is rewarded today.  Thank you for setting such a high standard for our younger players to live up too.  We will be watching you and wishing the best for you.

Real Colorado is ultimately a community focused on soccer as a place to learn very valuable life lessons to benefit our players off the field as well as on it.  It is such a gift from all our families at Real Colorado who model the best in character for their players through their gifts of time, treasure and talent.  The model set by our families in their support of Real Colorado exampled through the travel, the training, special events like Casino Real, and so much more is the only reason Real Colorado has classes like this.  Thank you to all our families in class of 2021 for all your efforts to help make Real Colorado who we are and who we aren’t.

Introducing the Class of 2021

NEW NCAA recruiting information effective May 1st, 2019

Effective May 1st, 2019 the NCAA passed new guidelines, specifically Proposal No. 2018-93, related to NCAA Division 1 only to improve and effectively delay the recruiting process for both men’s and women’s soccer in a positive manner.

Key Dates:

  • June 15th after a student athletes sophomore year – Two way communication between the athletic program and athlete can begin.  This would include email, texting, phone calls.
  • August 1st before a student athletes junior year – 1st date an athlete may visit a school on an official or unofficial visits.

Excerpts from Guidelines:

  • Question No. 22: May an institution’s coach have evaluative conversations (e.g., regarding
    athletics ability) with a prospective student-athlete’s high school and or club
    coach prior to the permissible date for communication with a prospective

    • Answer: Yes. However, these conversations should not be used to indirectly send
      recruiting messages (e.g., oral offer of aid) to a prospective student-athlete.
      Examples of permissible evaluative conversation topics with a high school
      and or club coach:

      • High school and/or club coach’s evaluation of the prospective
        student-athlete’s academics, athletic skills, speed, agility,
        personality, character, work ethic, coachability, etc.
  •  Institution’s coach expression of general interest in the prospective
    student-athlete (e.g., we are interested in [name]).

Examples of evaluative conversation topics with a high school and or club
coach that are not permissible:

  • Confirming if the prospective student-athlete is on institution’s
    recruiting list, including his or her ranking on that list
    (e.g., ”prospective student-athlete is on our A-list/B-List,”
    “prospective student-athlete is a top [#] prospective student-athlete
    for us,” “prospective student-athlete is our top goalie prospective
    student-athlete,” etc.).
  • Institution’s coach providing an evaluation of the individual to the
    high school and or club coach.
  • Requesting the high school or club coach to relay a message to the
    individual, including asking the individual to:
    a. Send transcripts, report cards and or test scores to the college
    coach and or staff; and/or
    b. Attend a camp where the college coach and or staff will be
  • Asking if the prospective student-athlete is interested in the school,
    including the level of interest.
  • Any discussion with high school and/or club coach of potential
    financial aid or athletic scholarship offers.
  • Setting up future phone calls or visits for the prospective student athlete.
  • Question No. 23: May an institution’s coach have an evaluative conversation with a high
    school or club coach while an individual who is not permitted to make or
    receive recruiting telephone calls is listening to the conversation?

    • Answer: No.

NCAA Information Release

RSA - Recruiting Student Athletes

In an effort to personally assist student-athletes in their college recruiting process, Gil recently started RSA as an opportunity to work with families on a consulting and recruiting-focused basis.  Gil and his RSA Soccer staff are now available to Real Colorado to consult with teams, small groups, and individuals. RSA will also assist Real Colorado members with their current SoccerRecruits accounts as part of expanding college exposure for our members.  Click here for more information