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Colorado Soccer Association is proud that a clear majority of our parents, coaches and players have demonstrated that they are some of the most passionate, knowledgeable, and loyal fans around the state. We do however have a select few who bring a negative light to the sport. To encourage everyone to create a positive, safe and enjoyable environment on game day, the Colorado Soccer Association would like to invite you to promote “Celebration Saturday” on April 7th, 2018.


A New Era in Colorado Soccer

We have the ability in Colorado to change sideline behavior provided we all take a stance and work together as a UNITED front against poor sportsmanship by modeling good behavior. While the rest of the country is promoting “Silent Saturday” we are advocating a proactive approach by promoting positive behavior with “Celebration Saturday” on April 7th. When our kids take the field on April 7th, let us demonstrate a new, refreshing, and positive approach to game attendance and enjoyment. Regardless of the intensity of the game or the outcome of the match, let’s cheer as loud as we can for good play and good sportsmanship. Let’s avoid the sarcasm and negative comments. Let’s create such an enthusiastic and positive environment that it becomes contagious to the few who have shed a bad light on to the sport with their poor sideline behavior. Let’s be positive role models for our kids.

Please join the Colorado Soccer Association by helping us promote good sportsmanship in Colorado. Good sportsmanship should be the norm throughout the season and let us start on April 7th with “Celebration Saturday”.

The rationale behind “Celebration Saturday” is to

  • Model and promote good behavior on the sidelines for our kids.
  • Silence all the negative comments and behaviors on game-day that are pushing good people out of the sport.

Implementation: Coaches play a significant role in the success and implementation of the program.

  1. During the week of April 2nd CSA would like coaches to take a moment during practice to explain to players and parents the purpose and importance of Celebrations Saturday and good sportsmanship.  Inform parent that they will be served with an electronic GREEN Card via email on April 5th from CSA. The email from CSA on April 5th will serve as a reminder that modeling good sportsmanship on April 7th and for the rest of the season is imperative to providing a safe and nurturing environment for our kids.



  • Instruct players when they are unable to solve the problem on the field
  • Praise players when they do something well.


  • “Joystick” coach
  • Make negative or sarcastic remarks