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Attended College Night – Now What?


You just attended college night and are thinking okay, now what should I be doing?  This is the answer to that question and should get you started in making the college recruiting process as easy as possible.

Sign into SportsRecruits and complete online profile.

  • SportsRecruits is an excellent tool funded by Real Colorado to track and assist you in the college process.  Check out the link on the side menu to find out more.
  • SportsRecruits 101
  1. Begin selecting schools I would like to find more about.  It is very likely this list will ultimately not be similar to your final list so don’t stress out on this list.  This first list is to help you get started in the process and develop a plan of attack.
    • Select 5 schools you would love to play soccer at. Select 5 schools you have heard good things about from any resource.  Select 5 schools in the part of the country you think you would most like to attend.  Choose 2-3 local schools.
    • Check out our form on ideas on how to begin evaluating college programs to find a best fit.
  2. Develop your recruiting process and important documents.
    • You can use the Real Colorado website for samples, but develop your cover letter and resume to send to schools.
    • Develop your mechanism to track and record communications, contacts and interest in the various schools you will evaluate. Also on the website. Document each event and contact to help you evaluate interest in you from the school.  Currently Real Colorado has a partnership with to assist with this.
    • Feel free to email the Real Colorado staff to review and edit these documents.
  3. Send your cover letter via email with resume attached to the schools you put on your list to explore. This email should have the following:
    • a personal, recent piece specific to each school from research you have done. “…congratulations on David Pruitt being selected as RMAC player of the year, that has to be very exciting for you and the program.”
    • Upcoming schedule of games/events, including game time and field location as well as your jersey number.
  4. Send a follow up email before you leave to tournaments to confirm your game schedule and invite them a second time.
    • a personal, recent piece specific to each school from research you have done.
  5. Get the list from the team documenting which schools came to each game and thank the coaches for coming as well as give a brief evaluation of how you think you played in the tournament.
    • a personal, recent piece specific to each school from research you have done.
  6. Begin calling the schools you are most interested in that have also indicated an interest in you so you can begin making a personal connection.
    • Coaches will almost always first look to see what are the flaws in a player’s game when they watch a player. As they get to know a player on a more personal level, they begin looking for what is right with the player.  This is an important step to get too.
    • How to leave a voice message: “Hi Coach Stone, this is Mila Kunis and I play on for the Real Colorado 99-00 Olympico team coached by Neil Payne. I was hoping to connect with you to find out more about your program, what you have thought of my play over the weekend, and/or see how I could fit into your program.  I will try you again at 7:00 pm MST from 720-694-6882.  If there is a better time to chat, please contact Neil or Jared Spires with whenever that might be. “

Final thoughts, considerations and contact info:

  • Your grades and test scores are the incredibly important. Great soccer and no grades equates to no soccer and no college.  Great grades and bad soccer still equates to a great education.
  • Be diligent and committed to getting recruited, not being recruited.
  • Every training, every game, and every warmup are a place to be seen, evaluated and identified.