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Dear Real athletes and families,

These days we miss you. You are why we are here. So when you are not here, it doesn’t feel right. 

But we also know that our motto at Real Colorado is, “It’s how we play the game.” And that motto right now, even as we cannot play the game, is playing out on a bigger scale in our lives. And while we never envisioned the situation COVID-19 has brought us to, our motto has always been intended for the biggest situations. We strongly believe that a lot of what you have learned while you play the game on the soccer field helps make you more prepared for this time when you are off the field.

You are more prepared for these difficult life moments than ever. We know we are all scared; we know we are all worried, lonely, disappointed. But you haven’t spent the last however many years of your life just training for soccer. We were always training you for more. 

* For endurance, the power to make it through difficult times without giving way.  We weren’t just pushing you through that hard moment or position change or disappointment for nothing, we were developing endurance. YOU were developing endurance.

* For perseverance during disappointments. You were developing steadfastness when you fought through that injury to get back with your team or your team took on a losing season just to show up again for the next season.

*For self-discipline. You’ve been training hard in discipline, in doing the small things, so many small things, that lead to change. You have experienced giving up something you want (that candy, that late night, a party) for something you want more (to play your best). That discipline is needed now, more than ever, when you have to regulate yourself on your physical health, your academic needs, your schedule, and your emotions.

*For self care and care of others. You have been working on telling your teammates and coaches what you need. You’ve been working on communicating with a group. You’ve been working on supporting your teammates and getting support from them, on filling in the gaps when someone can’t do their part or needs something from you. On falling down and helping each other get back up. 

Our staff at Real is proud of you! We share your desire to get back on the field. We can’t wait to get back to training for both soccer and life. Something about being outside on the pitch playing and working allows us to breath easier. It’s like that hard work is needed in order to fully relax. 

But for today, we will lean on what we have learned so far. We will remember that what we train for helps us as much off the field as it does on. We will apply endurance and perseverance, and we will be self-disciplined and take care of ourselves and others. And we will keep our eyes forward to when we can get back to training more. Because it’s how we play the game.

Your Real family