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Real Colorado AGM

Real Colorado AGM

The Real Colorado AGM will take place on Wednesday, August 25th at 8:15 pm.  One of the most important actions our membership can take is the election of our board of directors.  The Real Colorado board is the governing body of Real Colorado and helps steer the organization within the intention of the mission and vision.

The Douglas County Soccer Association/Real Colorado Board of Directors meets the first Tuesday of every month, unless special circumstances require a rescheduling in a given month. Board members are expected to actively participate in the activities of the Association, including giving of their time to Committee assignments, giving of their resources individually and in advancing fundraising activities. The Board sets high expectations as it endeavors to build excellence in the Association and new Board members will be expected to continue this tradition of leadership.

AGM Forms

Letter to the Membership

2020 AGM Agenda

2020 Minutes


2020 Financials –

Board Candidate Form

  • *you will need to download the form and edit it in adobe Reader.
Board Candidate Information

Real Colorado has begun vetting potential board members for nomination and election at the 2021 AGM.  You are welcome to check out our current Board of Directors to see what an amazing group of men and women we have helping to lead Real Colorado.  If you are interested in joining out Board of Directors beginning in Sept 2021, please reach out to Jared Spires to find out more information.

Current Candidates

The 2021 AGM was completed and new candidates would be considered at the AGM in 2022

2020-2021 Board of Directors
*All candidates in attendance should be prepared to give a 2-3 minutes introduction of themselves and why they are interested in the Real Colorado board of directors.

*Members may run from the floor the night of the AGM providing they receive both a nomination and a supporting nomination from members of the association.