center circle

5v5 League Rules


  • 5 v 5 (4 field players + goalkeeper)
  • Walls are in play!
  • Subs are on the fly
  • 2 –  13 minute halves
  • Ball is a deadweight futsal ball (between a size 3 and 4 but much heavier to keep the ball on the pitch.)

Specific Rules:

  • Keepers may only handle the ball in designated area
  • Keepers may not punt the ball
  • All fouls are indirect (2 players must touch the ball before scoring on any dead ball.)
  • No Sliding

What to wear:

  • Uniforms are your choice and can be anything that is matching in color  and appropriate for a youth soccer league. All players MUST wear shin guards for safety. Cleats or indoor shoes are acceptable at Westridge Rec Center.

Other info:

  • Teams may have games against opposite gender and different age groups.
  • Scores are not kept.
  • There are no standings.
  • This is a fun league that gets the players extra touches without the pressure.

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