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Team Parent Role


Recreational Team Parent Role

Thank you for volunteering to be the Team Parent for your child’s team. This letter will
define your role and give suggestions on how you can coordinate the needs for the team.
Your tasks as a Team Parent include:

Paper Work

At the coach’s request, copy the roster, game schedule and field maps for the parents and distribute them at the parents’ meeting or the first practice. You can log in to our web site and print them out.

Snack Schedule

Distribute a sign up sheet for the snack schedule for the team at the first practice. Most teams have a snack after the game and sometimes at half time. Check with your parents and see what they want to do. Once you have the snack schedule filled out hand it out to each parent. Have the first snack sign up sheet ready for at the first practice and have the completed sign up sheet ready to hand out at the first game if possible.

Phone Tree

Complete a phone-tree calling list for the team. This list is used in the event of game or practice cancellations or changes. The first person calls the next person on the list and relays the change to them. It is very important if the person calling gets an answering machine they should continue calling down the list until they get a live person that will continue the calling process. Your phone tree should have an alternate phone number listed also for each family (cell phone). Hand this out as soon as possible. Also, you may want to hand out the enclosed weather guidelines sheet as it will help parent know what to do in case of inclement weather.

Team Photo

Coordinate team pictures. We have given the coach information from a photography company. If your team would like pictures, please contact the company using the information on the flyer to schedule the day and time. You may also use the photography company of your choice.

Team Party

Coordinate the end of season party. An end of season party can be as easy as cupcakes after the last game on the field or a pizza party at a local restaurant. Whatever you decide, families are responsible for paying for their own kids to participate in the event.

Coach Gifts

Work with your parents and figure out what would be an appropriate gift for your coaches. Some teams give REAL sweatshirts or other soccer gear. It is also perfectly fine to give a great big thank you card or soccer ball signed by all the players.


Coordinate team trophies. If your team is going to give out trophies at the end of the season you will need to order them early in the season. There is a flyer in the coach’s packet for a local trophy company. Work with the parents to see what price range is appropriate. Other fun ideas would be soccer shirts, bags or other soccer memorabilia.
Just a note: If you are planning anything with a cost associated, i.e. trophies, purchasing a sweatshirt etc, try to avoid using your own money up front. Either use the phone list or hand out a flyer to each family that specifies what you are planning, what the costs are and a clear deadline for when you need the money. If someone is going to be out of town for the end of season event, they should still be expected to contribute equally to the coach(es) gift.

Use Your Real Colorado Resources

It is the coach’s responsibility to make the initial contact with parents and to set the tone for the team. If a parent approaches you with a concern regarding their child or the coach, you should refer them directly to the coach or the REAL office and avoid being a mediator between a parent and the coach. Remember to check our website for all updates associated with the recreational program. Some coaches also communicate with their teams using group emails; you may want to verify that all e-mails are correct and if not, have the parent contact the Real office to make changes.

Again, thank you for your time and efforts from all of us at REAL Colorado! Please give us a call if we can be of help during the season.
Sheryl Stirling
Front Office Administrator
303 694-6882, ext. 207 or

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