Thank You

Soccer Shapes Lives for the Better

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Real continually seeks donations to support our mission to open the game to every child who wants to play.  We also believe that every player deserves a safe soccer home where they can learn and grow, so we are asking for donations to help us take the next steps in the build-out of Real Colorado Soccer Complex.



What do we do with your donated money?

  • We donate more than $80,000 in need-based aid every year to give every child who wants to play, the opportunity to play soccer
  • We continue to build-out our Soccer Complex – click here to see how your donations have been used to date and what we have planned
  • We continue to operate the best youth soccer club in Colorado, offering more programs to grow your child in soccer than anyone else in our state.

Below are donation requests from families in our local community and from Real, your soccer home.  We encourage you to choose a ball and click it to make a tax deductible donation!  You will be directed to to complete your donation.


Donation ball layout







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