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Junior Academy News & Events

Winter Junior Academy Skills Center

Real is offering a winter camp that is for Junior Academy players and players in our Junior Academy Prep Program. Our Competitive and Junior Academy staff coaches will be involved to teach dimensions of the game that we feel every youth player can become better at to excel in development.

The dimensions that we will focus on are the following:

  • 1v1 moves and footwork
  • Ball striking
  • Crossing
  • Juggling and ball control out of the air
  • 3v3 and small sided games

Winter JA Skills Center

2 days per week, 1.5 hours per day, 6 sessions

Tuesdays and Thursdays at The MAC

5:00pm-6:30pm or 6:30-8:00pm

Cost $175

If you cannot commit to all 6 sessions:

Cost $90 for 3 sessions, email me the 3 dates that you choose

Registration coming soon!!!

Week 1: March 1st and 3rd

Week 2: March 8th and 10th

Week 3: March 15th and 17th


If you have any questions email Skye Dregalla at

Camps Guide

Join Real Colorado for soccer skill building led by our professional coaches, designed to fine-tune your player’s game while having fun along the way. Our camps offer preschool through elite competitive players an age and ability appropriate opportunity to learn skills like dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting and playing in small games.  Whether you’re a beginner or a competitor, we have a camp for you!

We hope to see your player for a fun and engaging soccer experience during any of our upcoming camps.  All participants should bring water, a soccer ball and wear athletic clothing with shin guards.

Upcoming Camps: 

  • Junior Academy Skills  Center:  for Junior Academy players and Premier Rec (Prep) players. Visit the Junior Academy tab for more information.
  • Recreational Camps:  Give your U5– U14 player a fun and engaging soccer experience this Season. 
  • Cubbies Recreational Summer Camps: Give your 3 or 4 year old player an interactive soccer experience filled with fun games.
  • Foxes Team Training Clinics: for Recreational and Competitive teams with flexible schedulingClick here for details and registration 
  • Footability LIVE:  is an unparalleled technical training camp.  It’s our ultimate goal to take ALL players to the next level, while creating “difference makers” on the soccer field.

Camp questions?  Click on any of the Camps above to be directed to Camp coach and registration contacts.

Youth Training School (YTS)

The YTS – Youth Training School


Our Philosophy is to develop the complete player; technically gifted, competitive, decisive players, with a passion for soccer, and a strong belief in oneself.
Our mission is to attract, develop, motivate and guide each of our players to reach for personal greatness.

We train to develop and we play to win…THE REAL WAY

U9-U18 YTS Programs and Information

($160 per program – 2 times a week for 4 weeks)

Tuesdays @ Heritage Park Turf 6:00 – 7:00am

Thursdays @ Monument: Sundance Mountain Athletic Center 6:00 – 7:00am

  • 1808 Woodmoor Dr. Monument, Co. 80132
  • TBD
  • Indoor Shoes ONLY – Court Surface

Fridays – Southridge Recreation Center 6:00 – 7:00am

  • 4800 McCarthur Ranch Rd, Highlands Ranch, CO 80130
  • TBD
  • Indoor Shoes ONLY – Court Surface

**Real Colorado uses Gotsoccer for all registrations and payments**

Weather Cancellation Policy

All Indoor Sessions will follow the local school district’s weather policy, if there is a cancellation or delay start, there will not be a morning class.

All Outdoor Sessions will be communicated through the GotSoccer registration.


Real’s Record-Breaking Year Earns National Attention

Real Colorado Soccer, a community based, non-profit youth soccer organization committed to helping each player learn, grow, and celebrate his or her love of the game, today announces the most successful year in its history, reaching new milestones and raising the club’s reputation on the national youth soccer stage.

Read the full release here!


Real Wins Family Favorite Sport Camp or Program Honor

Real Colorado Soccer was named a 2014 Family Favorite sports camp or program by the readers of Colorado Parent Magazine!  Thank you to all our members who voted for us!

Real offers soccer camps year-round.  To see our latest camps, visit our Camps Guide.

We hope to see your family at one of our upcoming camps!

Real Voted a Family Favorite

Recreational Soccer Programs

Discover Recreational Youth Soccer at its Best

Real Colorado offers more ways for your young soccer player to grow their love of learning and playing the game than any other club in our State.

Our recreational soccer program offers something for every player, from the 3 year-old just starting out to 10 year-olds and older who want to grow through advanced skills training and Colorado Youth Soccer league play. With a 25 year heritage of developing youth soccer players in fun and challenging programs, Real Colorado has a place for every player.

Below you’ll find our offerings by age group.  Parents, please note that the “U” before the age stands for “Under” and there is a birthdate, schedule and fees chart for your reference at the bottom of the page.

Why Should I Choose Real Colorado Soccer?  Click here to Discover…

Real Colorado offers a safe, fun, quality environment for all levels of soccer. We have dedicated staff in each age group to help promote the love of the game in each child and the training of our volunteer coaches. Real offers seasonal coaching clinics, online coaching education, and boasts a recreational staff with more than 50 years of youth soccer coaching experience.  Real Colorado is a top 20 club in the Nation. Real Colorado has a structured path that leads to our competitive program, which includes skills training, camps, and a nationally recognized Junior Academy.

Click here to read Frequently Asked Questions about Real Colorado Recreational Soccer to learn more.

Programs by Age Group:

      • U4 (Cubbies)

        Real Colorado’s Cubbies program is an innovative, interactive program for kids ages 3 to 4 that introduces them to the enjoyment of soccer through child-friendly themes and play. This program meets once a week for 45 minutes and is offered over a six week season in the spring and fall. Come out and join us as we teach the basics of soccer while we play Cookie Monster, Red Light Green Light and Pick up the Laundry. Click here to read Cubbies Program Information and for questions, please contact Sheryl Stirling at
      • U5 & U6

        This program is designed to offer young players the opportunity to discover soccer as a fun and exciting sport.  Games are played 3v3 for U5 and 4v4  for U6 on small fields with small goals and no goalkeepers. The focus is on developing comfort with the ball, encouraging players to take chances on the field, and learning the dynamics of a team sport.  For more information, please contact Sara Connolly at
      • U7 & U8

        Recreational Soccer

        Players learn new skills as they discover soccer as a fun and exciting sport, add goalkeepers to the team and play 6v6 on larger fields with larger goals.  Teams can begin to identify the direction they want to take their soccer experience in future years.  U8 teams can request an additional practice per week and we will accommodate those teams on a field/space available basis.   For more information, please contact Sara Connolly at

        U8 Developmental Centers (DC)

        DC offers an optional camp-like program designed to enhance the skills and strengths of individual players during regular season.  Registration for the DC program can be found in the Camps section of our website.

        U8 Recreational with Advanced Training Sessions (ATS)

        This exciting option for our aspiring young talents will bring our players in contact with some of the best coaches and advanced trainers at Real Colorado. In addition to their regular practices with their volunteer coach, the ATS Program offers 5 advanced training sessions with a skills coach to challenge the player with advanced training ideas and concepts. The location and time of this session might fall outside of normally schedule practice time to make best use of our skills trainers.

        Options for U8 going to U9

        Click Here

      • U9 & U10

        Recreational Soccer

        Players learn new skills as they discover soccer as a fun and exciting sport, including learning new skills and 8v8 play on a larger field.  This is the age where players will start setting their soccer goals.  This program is a great fit for players who would prefer to play in a recreational setting with friends and neighbors, choose their own coach and continue with recreational soccer in the future years.

        U9 and U10 Recreational with Advanced Training Sessions (ATS)

        This exciting option for our aspiring young talents will bring our players in contact with some of the best coaches and advanced trainers at Real Colorado.  In addition to their regular practices with their volunteer coach, the ATS Program offers 5 advanced training sessions with a skills coach to challenge the player with advanced training ideas and concepts. The location and time of this session might fall outside of normally schedule practice time to make best use of our skills trainers.

        U9 & U10 Real Colorado Junior Academy

        To continue to provide our players individualized and team-based options for setting the direction that their soccer experience takes them, Real introduces the Junior Academy. This program is the bridge between our recreational and competitive programs for players whose  intention is to work toward becoming a competitive player at U11.  A Real staff coach will place individual players on teams based on ability and provide 3 training sessions per week.  Junior academy teams play inter-league games in the upper level of Colorado Youth Soccer’s (CYS) new “Intermediate” division.  Players are placed into this program by participating in ID Days, Developmental Centers, and recommendations from Real coaches.  When registering for this program, choose Real Colorado Junior Academy instead of Recreational.  Please contact for more information.

      • U11 and Older

        Recreational Soccer

        This is a continuation of our recreational soccer program for those players that wish to continue playing soccer and having fun in a recreational setting.  Players will have 2 practices per week, and play 7-8 games per season in the Southwest Metro Denver area.

        Recreational with Advanced Training Sessions (ATS)

        Teams choosing to add ATS sessions to their regular practice schedule receive training from the best coaches and advanced trainers at Real Colorado.  In addition to their regular practices with their volunteer coach, the ATS Program offers 5 advanced training sessions with a skills coach to challenge the player with advanced training ideas and concepts. The location and time of the session might fall outside normally schedule practice time to make best use of our skills trainers. Contact for more information.

    • Rec Info Sheet & Fees Chart

      Program Age Group Player Birth Dates Season Includes Season Fees Season Start Date
      U4 8/1/11 – 7/31/12 Meets once a week for 6 weeks $70.00 September 19th
      U5-U6 8/01/09 – 7/31/11 1 practice per week, 7-8 games $95.00  September, 2015
      U7-U8 8/1/07 – 7/31/09 1-2 practices per week, 7-8 games $135.00  September, 2015
      U8 with ATS 8/1/07 – 7/31/08 2 practices per week, 7-8 games $210.00  September, 2015
      U9 – U10 8/1/05 – 7/31/07 2 practices per week, 7-8 games $195.00  September, 2015
      U9-U10 with ATS 8/01/05 -7/31/07 2 practices per week, 7-8 games $270.00  September, 2015
      U9-U10 Junior Academy 8/01/05 – 7/31/07 3 practices per week, 7-8 games Nat’l or Oly. $725.00Red & Below $625.00  September, 2015
      U11+ 8/01/99 – 7/31/05 2 practices per week, 7-8 games $215.00  September, 2015
      U11+ with ATS 8/01/99 – 7/31/05 2 practices per week, 7-8 games $290.00  September, 2015
      Soccer Stop is our preferred provider of soccer gear and clothing.  To find out what equipment your child needs to begin their season, including ball size and knee-to-toe gear, click here.

Real CO Soccerfest: 2nd Annual Recreational Tournament

 Real Colorado is excited to announce our 2nd Annual Soccerfest Recreational Tournament, Sept. 4-7, 2015!

2015 Real Colorado Soccerfest TOURNAMENT INFORMATION

 Tournament dates are September 4-7, 2015

  • This is a pre-Fall 2015 season tournament, so teams will play as their Fall 2015 team.
  • The tournament will offer a 3 game minimum and will include Real Recreational and Junior Academy U7 – U12 boys and girls teams, as well as teams from area soccer clubs — CrossQuad, Option 1, InterLeague, InHouse Rec teams.
  • Teams will be flighted according to standings, results and request.
  • Real Colorado SoccerFest will take place at Highlands Heritage Regional Park and Challenger Park
  •  U7-U8 Boys and Girls Teams will play 6v6
  • U9 – U10 Boys and Girls will play 8v8
  • U11 – U12 Boys and Girls teams will play 9v9


  • Registration is Open.  To apply, click here.
  • Registration fees are $350 per U7 or U8 team and $400 per U9 through U12 team
  • Payment will be via check or credit card (entered into team application).
  • NOTE: No application will be considered without receipt of payment by Real CO via check mailed to 8200 S. Akron St., Ste. 122, Centennial CO  80112 or credit card entered into online application.
  • Payments will not be cashed/charged until team is accepted.
  • Application deadline is Friday, August 21, however, if our brackets fill, it will close earlier.  Teams are accepted on first-come, first-served basis.


  • U7 and U8 teams will play (2) 20-minute halves with (1) 5-minute half-time.
  • U9 and U10 teams will play (2) 25-minute halves with (1) 5-minute half-time.
  • U11 and U12 teams will play (2) 30-minute halves with (1) 5-minute half-time.
  • All teams are guaranteed 3 games.
  • Players may only play for one team during the tournament.


  • It is our goal to complete the tournament on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (9/4-9/6/15), however, if there are any weather issues over the weekend, games may roll over to Monday, 9/7, to be completed as early in the day as possible.
  • All teams must be prepared to begin play as early as 5pm on Friday, 9/4.
  • Preliminary Schedules will be available on or about Wednesday, 8/26.


  • Saturday, September 12, 7pm  — Rapids vs. DC United
  • Click here, for all info!


  • U7-8 teams will use a Size 3 ball.
  • U9-12 teams will use a Size 4 ball.
  • Home team will provide game ball to be approved by center referee.
  • All players must wear shin guards under their socks and soccer cleats.
  • All teams must wear matching uniforms; uniquely numbered jerseys, shorts, socks.
  • Goalkeeper jerseys must be a different color from both teams uniform so as to be easily recognized as a goalkeeper.


 Real Colorado SoccerFest Roster Sizes

Age Format Roster Size # of Guest Players Allowed
U7-8 6v6 12 total 3 (to be included in total of 12)
U9-10 8v8 14 total 4 (to be included in the total of 14)
U11-12 9v9 18 total 6 (to be included in total of 18)
  •  One representative of each team must attend Team Check-in, at the Real CO Office, 8200 S. Akron St., Ste. 122, Centennial CO  80112, on Wednesday, 9/2, 1-7pm.
  • Field check-ins may be available on 9/4 or 9/5 60 mins. in advance of first game.
  • All teams must provide 2 copies of their club certified roster, including signature of club registrar or state association.
  • Teams must provide 2 copies of the Tournament Guest Player Roster, if applicable. Form located online SoccerFest_Guest_Player_Form.
  • All teams must provide a Team Information Form, located online here.
  • ALL players must have signed medical releases, form located online MEDICAL RELEASE FORM to be reviewed at team check-in and kept in team possession throughout the tournament. If your team already has a medical release in place for each player, you can use that form. No requirement to use our form.
  • U11 and U12 Teams must have player passes for each player.


  • Posted online here.


  • First and second place teams will receive team trophies and player awards.
  • All players and coaches will receive tournament gifts at teams check-in.




Meet Real’s Newest Recreational Staff Director

Real Colorado Welcomes Theresa Echtermeyer as Director of Recreational Coach and Player Development

Founder of Real’s Recreational Soccer Program Returns, Offering a New Resource for Players and Coaches   

Real Colorado Soccer, a community based, non-profit youth soccer organization committed to helping each player learn, grow, and celebrate his or her love of the game, welcomes Theresa Echtermeyer as its Director of Coach and Player Development for Real’s Recreational soccer programs.

Theresa began her career with Real in 1992, coaching competitive and recreational teams and eventually directing the club’s entire recreational soccer program before leaving in 2005.  Today, Theresa brings 25 years of coaching experience back to Real Colorado.  Theresa’s full-time involvement in the recreational program will bring more support and opportunities for our recreational membership, coaches and staff.

Most recently, Theresa was the Director of Coaching for the Highlands Ranch Soccer Association (Hattrix).  Theresa has also been the Varsity Boys and Girls Soccer Program Coach at Mountain Vista High School since the school’s inception in 2001.  She will continue at Mountain Vista while working with Real.  Theresa is also a National Staff Coach and Instructor for the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) where she has the opportunity to travel and teach coaching courses around the country.

“Although she can coach through the elite adult athlete level, Theresa prefers to invest her time in the young players and their coaches, where a love of learning and playing the game begins,” said Jared Spires, Chief Administrative Officer, Real Colorado.  “Theresa’s intentional choice to focus on this age group makes her a great addition to our Recreational soccer program, where we offer more ways for young players to grow their love of the game than any other club in our State.”

Previously, Theresa was the Varsity Coach for Green Mountain High School for 10 years and coached in the W-League (women’s semi-professional league) for 6 years.  In 2007, she was named Colorado Youth Soccer’s Girls Recreational Coach of the Year and she has also been a 5-time NSCAA Colorado High School Coach of the Year.  Theresa also served as Vice President and then President of the Colorado High School Soccer Coaches Association (CHSSCA).  She is currently a member of the NSCAA Women’s Committee.

Theresa has also served as a Director and Coach for our local TOPS (The Outreach Program for Soccer) soccer program, a community-based training and team placement program for young athletes with disabilities, for more than 20 years.

Theresa began work at Real in May, 2014 and looks forward to her first fall recreational soccer season with the club.

Real Colorado Foxes Camps

Real Colorado’s semi-professional men’s soccer team, the Real Colorado Foxes, offer training camps for youth players throughout the year.  The Foxes posted a  a record-setting 2013 season with 3 Foxes players going on to join MLS teams.  Don’t miss the chance for your player to train with some of the best soccer athletes in the U.S.!

The Real Colorado Foxes next camp is:

Team Training Clinics

Join the Foxes for a custom Team Training Clinic. The Foxes will personally train Recreational and Competitive teams for success on the dates of the team’s choosing through our Team Clinic program. 16 players attend a 2-hour training session hosted by the Foxes for 2 consecutive days. Teams can merge to create a full 16 player roster and cost per player is $50.  To explore options for your team clinic, contact Beckie Blevans at:

Register Button Small

New! Get your team on the Field with the Foxes!

We need teams to sign up to be ball runners during our home games.  We can take 8 players per team for each home game.  Check our game schedule here and sign up with


Foxes logo sized


Become a Foxes Fan and Discover Soccer Fun for the Whole Family!


Get Your Season Pass.  

For only $50, a family of 4 can attend as many home games as you’d like.  Check out our season schedule, then purchase your tickets at the Real office or at the Box Office at Shea Stadium, home of the Foxes.  The Foxes first home games are May 9, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. at the Heritage Park Stadium (turf) field and May 10, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. at Shea Stadium in Highlands Ranch!

Be the Ultimate Fan.  

Your player can get in on the Foxes action by becoming a Player Escort or Ball Runner during a home game, receive a game ticket, Foxes t-shirt and photo opportunities with the team.  Choose your game and sign up with Beckie Blevans at today!

Follow the Foxes.

Follow the Real Colorado Foxes on Facebook or on Twitter to keep up with the latest Foxes action!

Real Colorado Begins National Expansion, Close to Home

As one of the Top 20 youth soccer clubs in America , Real Colorado players can be found at the top of the local, national and international youth soccer sport. Our reputation for excellence both on and off the field is nationally-recognized and as a result, we are often approached to mentor coaches, players and teams.

To follow our mission to continue a tradition of fun and excellence in youth soccer, Real Colorado will launch a new affiliate program beginning in January, 2014 starting with its first affiliate, Edge Soccer Club of Arvada.


The Affiliate Vision
In the spirit of developing youth using the best resources, both technical and administrative, Real’s long-term vision for our affiliate program includes a network of affiliate youth soccer clubs. This network will become a national-level club association that will:

  • Serve as a minor league system for professional soccer teams, both domestic and international
  • Enable new opportunities to find corporate sponsors and foundation support
  • Provide a framework for national coach and player development


Real Colorado’s First Affiliate
All of us at Real Colorado are excited to announce our first affiliate club, Edge Soccer Club of Arvada.

Real Colorado has been evaluating different possibilities for growth over the past few years and in numerous discussions with the leadership of Colorado Edge, we found a shared vision and value embedded in our cultures. It is our belief the affiliation with Colorado Edge will create an exciting environment to benefit both memberships and open further opportunities as our relationship matures. By becoming a Real Colorado affiliate, Edge has taken a new step to offer its players, coaches and families’ new tools that can position the club among the best in the nation as part of the Real family.

Real will begin offering our time-tested training programs to coaches, players and teams from Edge. Our players can easily be Guest Players for each other in tournaments and other events. The teams will cross-train together and help each other prepare in the pre-season by playing friendly games, beginning at U9. The two clubs will work together to provide player development opportunities for all ages.


What’s Next?

  • Coach and Player Cross-Training – Beginning at U9, players and coaches will begin having opportunities to train together across Junior Academy and Competitive teams, including U.S. Soccer Development Academy and Elite Clubs National League(ECNL) teams.
  • A New Look – Edge Soccer Club players will take on the branding of Real Colorado, although the organizations will remain functionally separate.

More Coming Soon – Watch for more information coming soon on our website, or for immediate questions, contact Jared Spires at


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