A Home for Every Player: Real Colorado Soccer Complex

 Real Colorado Soccer Complex Update

Through fundraising events like Casino Real Goes Wild! and generous donations from our membership, Real Colorado is making steady progress on the build out of our Soccer Complex.  Our next milestone is slated for May, 2014 when we will begin work to install the Championship Grass field, which will be the second field installed at the Complex.

We envision our Complex to be a community hub, where families connect not only through soccer, but also with local businesses that support our club.  We are currently seeking corporate sponsors who want to include their brand in our Complex build out.  Know a business that would be interested in becoming a sponsor of our Real Colorado Soccer Complex?  We have many sponsor opportunities available that provide great brand exposure for local businesses.  To find out more, contact Jared Spires at

Complex Build Out Timeline


  • Parking lot paved, landscaped and striped
  • First turf field in place
  • Grand Opening of Real Colorado Soccer Complex
  • *Paved sidewalks leading from parking lot to field-level
  • Land grading for first turf field; rough grading of Championship Grass field
  • Championship grass field grading 
  • Championship grass field sod installed

*Thanks to the generosity of our members who attended our 2013 Casino Real Goes Wild! fundraising event, Real was able to build this key piece of infrastructure at our Complex.  Thanks to you, our players, families and guests can safely walk from our parking lot to our first field to enjoy their time at our Complex.  Thank you!

Next Steps:

  • Teams can begin play on Championship grass
  • Electrical service in position
  • First field lights in place
  • Second turf field in place
  • Third turf field in place
  • Field lights added to new fields
  • Fourth turf field in place
  • Fifth turf field in place
  • Clubhouse construction
  • Clubhouse completion, Real staff moves in, Dedication celebration

Why Build?  The Vision for Real Colorado Soccer Complex

Real Colorado sets the standard for how youth soccer is played, offering the most comprehensive program available from the youngest player to the elite athlete at the highest levels of soccer competition in the country.

The fields that our players use today are rented to us seasonally by local parks and school districts, giving us little influence over field quality, availability and cost.  As a non-profit organization, field rental is a huge expense, and one that we can reduce and invest back into other areas of the club once we are able to own and operate our own fields.

If we are to continue to offer the best soccer experience available, that includes offering our programs year-round on high quality, well-maintained fields.  To secure this future for our club, Real Colorado is building a new 23 acre soccer field complex, just North of E. Lincoln Ave. and S. Peoria St., between Highlands Ranch and Parker, Colorado.

When completed, our soccer complex will be the most comprehensive in Colorado, serving as the heart of our club – a home for our club’s families, a community center for the development of youth players, and the launch site for the next great soccer player or great leader of tomorrow.  When fully completed, our soccer complex will include:

  • 5 lighted synthetic fields
  • 1 championship natural grass field
  • A clubhouse with space for team celebrations, special events, a small indoor training center and the Real Colorado staff
  • And more…

Be Part of Building our Soccer Home
Our path to raise the funds for this project relies on the generosity of our club, along with foundation support, corporate fundraising and budget re-allocation.  Future phasing will be determined by the success of our fundraising efforts and we need your help to continue building this dream.

There are many ways to support the building of our new soccer Complex home:

  • Get Involved.  Follow the build-out of our Complex on our Facebook page.
  • Join In.   Casino Real Goes Wild! is our annual fundraiser for the build-out of our Complex.  Come to this fun event on February 28, 2014!
  • Become a Sponsor.  Know a business that would be interested in becoming a sponsor of the Complex?  We have many sponsor opportunities available that provide great brand exposure for local businesses.  To find out more, contact Jared Spires at
  • Donate.  By visiting Real Colorado’s page on Colorado, you can earmark donated funds to go directly to the building of our Complex. Real Colorado is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization – your donation is tax deductible.

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