Real Cup 2012-33

Youth Training School (YTS)

YTS Fall Session

  • YTS Fall Session for U9 – U18 Olympico and National team players
  • Dates: August 12 – Sept 26
  • Class Times: Classes begin at 6:00am & end at 7:00am
  • Days and Location: Tuesdays – Friday at Heritage Park Turf Field *by position:
    • Tuesdays: Center midfield and center forward players – position numbers 8/9/10
    • Wednesdays: Outside back and outside midfield – wide players – position numbers 2/3/7/11
    • Thursdays: Center backs and defensive midfield players – position numbers 4/5/6
    • Fridays: Goalkeeping and finishing

The YTS Morning Program

Our Mission… is to attract, develop and motivate the top players by providing the best environment for learning.

The ‘Real Experience.’

Our Vision… is to be the destination of choice for the best 8-18 year olds in the south Denver Metro area and beyond.  Our desire is to work with the best and most committed soccer players… Help our soccer-students achieve their full potential and encourage a constant reach for improvement.

Our Focus… is to develop technically superior, driven, independent thinking, winners; in soccer and in life.

YTS Player’s Pass

Our flexible YTS Player’s Pass helps you maximize your player training options…

You’re in control of reaching your potential… you decide when to sleep in and when to get up and get better.

Our YTS Player’s Pass or punch card system allows families to prepay for sessions and only be charged for the sessions their child attends


Registration and Payment:

Payments can be made any morning by check or credit card.  Checks must be made out to Real Colorado.


Tuition & Fees:


  • Starter Pass: 4 Classes = $25/class = $100
  • Class Pass: 10 Classes = $20/class = $200
  • Semester Pass: 20 Classes = $15/class = $300


  • The YTS Player’s Badge = Earn the right to wear it!
  • Completed a minimum of 10 hours (10 classes) and earn your YTS Player’s Badge.
  • The Badge will cost $5 for one Real Colorado Training Top or $8 for both.
    • Boys: Black Training Top, optional Gray Training Top
    • Girls: Yellow Training Top, optional Gray Training Top
  • Training Tops will be collected, printed and returned. (Allow 7 days)
  • Collections Schedule – TBA

Questions? Contact program administrators at



  • YTS Player’s Pass options and benefits.
    • The YTS Starter 4 Pass… provides 4 classes and allows a player and parent to determine readiness for the program.
    • The YTS Class 10 Pass… provides 10 classes at a discounted rate and encourages players and parents to find a class or group of classes which work best for them or siblings to determine readiness for the program.
    • The YTS Semester 20 Pass… provides 20 classes and the investment of time, energy and money will go further. This option allows the most committed and supported player to attend 2 or more classes per week or multiple siblings to take advantage of more class offerings


Our Aim for every YTS Student:

  • Technically excellent
  • Mentally strong
  • Confident
  • Independent thinker
  • Soccer Intelligent
  • Physically ready
  • Easy to coach
  • Always eager to learn

Supporting our Team Head Coaches & Trainers:

  • aligning the morning classes to complement each team’s training plan
  • Consideration for individual team’s game schedules.
  • proper instruction to support your message
  • quality touches
  • lots of opportunities in front of goal
  • low intensity workouts
  • position specific classes
  • functional training
  • Session guide
  • Periodization
  • Club and Age Group Themes
  • Standards, benchmarks and conduct
  • Players and Parents have clear visibility of targets at all levels of development
  • Every player will feel special and valued
  • A member of the Real Family
  • Player evaluations Zoom Reports
  • A well rounded individual… and a credit to us all.
  • We train to help you win!

“Training drives development”


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