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U11 Tryout FAQ

When are tryouts? 

Coming soon

Should I pre-register my player for tryouts?

Yes, you should register for tryouts online through your GotSoccer player accountPlease remember to use your existing Gotsoccer player login (do not create a new account).

Should I register my child for recreational soccer before tryouts to ensure he/she has a spot if he does not make a competitive team?

It is suggested that you wait until you hear about your child’s competitive team placement before you decide for which program to register.

How are players placed on teams?

Players are placed on teams based on ability.  The number of teams formed depends on the number of qualified players and committed parents.  The typical roster size can be 14 to 17 players. In our experience, the number of players trying out exceeds the number of available roster spots. Should your child not be offered a spot, we would suggest they continue their soccer development in our recreational program.

What do coaches look for in a player?

Technical Ability – a player’s skill level with the ball (ex. 1v1 moves, dribbling, and passing)


Competitive Mentality -Tenacity, effort and drive

What do the tryouts look like?

Tryouts are set up to resemble a game scenario.  We design the fields into small sided games of 7v7 to 9v9 to evaluate players.  Coaches in the age group as well as Real Colorado staff coaches will be evaluating the players and working to place them into small sided games of similar ability and performance.

What do National, Olympico, Red, White, Gold, Silver and Bronze mean when being placed?  What is the cost and tournament commitment?

National, Olympico, Red, White, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Platinum, etc. are the levels of our competitive teams.

  • For the 2016/2017 soccer year, the fees include Real Colorado fees, CSA registration fees, CSA Referee fees, Real CO Soccer field expense and Real CO coaches’ fees for EACH SEASON.  Registration fees range from TBD for the National team to TBD for our Red and below teams (per season) 
  • These do not include indoor fees, tournament fees or expenses, uniforms or other team expenses.
  • Required uniform cost is between $330-$350.
  • Casino Real and similar events are vital to Real Colorado and in support of this, our team families are asked to provide support with time, talent and/or treasure.

How soon will we know if we made a team or not?

All players will be notified within 72 hours of the tryout by a phone call from the team coach.  The player has 24 hours to commit to the coach AND accept their team placement by completing online registration.

How many practices will we have and where will they be?

Real competitive teams practice 2 to 3 times a week, a similar commitment to the Junior Academy. Practice begins the beginning of August for the Fall ‘16 season. Practice location/times are the decision of the Director of Competitive Coaching. Redstone Park is the main training field for competitive but there may be training at Heritage Park, Douglas County Fairgrounds, Real Colorado Soccer Complex and additional parks as necessary.

How much overall commitment is involved?

Every player is expected to participate in all team activities, including practices, games and tournaments.

When does the season begin?

The season begins in early August. There will be at least one pre-season tournament before the start of Fall 2016 league play.  Real Colorado runs a preseason camp to help introduce and prepare our teams and coaches for the new season.  Fall league play typically begins late August and continues through mid- November.

How can I offset the cost of the program?

Fundraising is available to help offset the cost of being in the competitive program. Bingo, Grocery Certificate program, and the GL Scrips are just some examples. Your Team Manager, once selected, will share this information with you.  We also offer a payment plan for competitive fees.

What other options are available for Under 11 players?

Visit our website at www.realcolorado.net and click on “recreational” and then click on “rec program overview” for more information on our Recreational Soccer Program.

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