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Team Manager

  1. Register your team for online ordering
    Visit http://firsttouch.soccerstop.com      and click on the image link that reads “Team Managers, click here to register your team”, and fill out the appropriate information.  This will send your request to the Soccer Stop team division for approval into the First Touch system.  Once the request is approved (approx. 2-3 business days), you will receive an email stating that your team is now posted along w/ your team password.  Please forward this email w/ password to your team parents.  This password will give them access to place their order on your specific team page.  Your team name will appear under the club name on the left hand side navigation found on the website.  Soccer Stop requires 8 weeks for order processing so please plan accordingly.
  2. Team Member uniform ordering process
    As the team manager, you have the option of ordering all items online for your team, or offering that each of your team members place online orders themselves.  By enabling the team members to order themselves, this will allow them to create an individual account and view the history of their orders from year to year.  It also shows them and provides a printable receipt of what they ordered, minus any additional shipping (if required).  Team managers will receive email alerts each time an order is placed on your team page.  Payment is required at the time the order is placed.  Team managers – please ensure that all parents know what their child’s player # is prior to ordering.  Soccer Stop does not assign player #’s.  Any player # discrepancies on your team order can result in a delay to process your order.
  3. Team uniform ordering deadline date
    When you first register your team, you will need to set your teams ordering deadline date for when all orders must be placed by.  It will be necessary for you to strongly advise your team members to have their orders placed by this date. After this date, your team will no longer be listed at http://firsttouch.soccerstop.com.  Any additional orders are to be placed on the retail website (http://www.soccerstop.com).  These orders will be at higher prices, will be processed individually on a first in/first out basis and are NOT guaranteed for delivery by the date of the first game.  Once all the orders have been placed on your team page, please e-mail your Soccer Stop Team Sales representative letting them know your order is ready to process.
  4. Details of  placed team uniform orders
    After the ordering deadline date, the team manager will be provided a spreadsheet that shows all orders placed on your specific team page.  If team members have been enabled to place individual orders, the team manager will receive email notification of each order placed at the time of the order.

Team Members

  1. Ordering your team uniform
    Your team manager and/or club will provide uniform fitting times and dates.  If your team manager has enabled individual ordering (contact your team manager for details), a written description of your child’s uniform sizes will be provided to you at the fitting.  It is your responsibility to go online to http://firsttouch.soccerstop.com and place your individual team uniform order before the team uniform ordering deadline (provided by your team manager). Payment will be due at the time of placing your order.  Please read thru your uniform ordering page carefully when placing your order.  Some teams have youth, men’s and women’s sizes available.  Be sure to order the correct items that pertain to your player.  Once you submit your order, no changes can be made.
  2. Team uniform ordering deadline
    Your team manager will provide a date that your individual orders must be placed online at http://firsttouch.soccerstop.com in order to receive a team bulk order discounted rate. After this date your team will not be listed at http://firsttouch.soccerstop.com and the order may only be placed on the retail website (http://soccestop.com), and will have higher prices, will be processed individually on a first in, first out basis, and are NOT guaranteed for delivery by the date of the first game.
  3. Order help
    Your team manager has direct contact with the Soccer Stop team division and is the point of contact for all order inquiries.  Any questions, please contact your team manager,

Online Ordering Process

  1. Visit http://firsttouch.soccerstop.com.
  2. On the left hand side click on your club name.
  3. You will be  directed to your club page with a list of team names. Find your team in the list and click it. Your team will be listed by your team name, and manager last name.  If your team is not in the list, it is because either it is passed the team uniform ordering deadline (you will then be required to order from the retail http://www.soccerstop.com website), or your team has not registered for online ordering (please contact your team manager).
  4. Enter your password that was provided to you by your team manager.
  5. Insert the quantity of items you desire in the appropriate size and color fields.  After selecting all desired quantity levels, click on the “add to cart” at the bottom of the page.
  6. You will be directed to your shopping cart page. On this page enter the player number on each relevant item in the text box listed after each item in the shopping cart.  When finished adding the numbers to each item, click “checkout now”.
  7. You will be directed to the registration page.  If you have previously ordered from the First Touch system (different than the www.soccerstop.com retail website), you may enter your email address and password to login to your account.  If you have not previously ordered, click the “Register & Checkout” button.  Follow the registration directions.
  8. You will be directed to the agreement page, where you should select the payment option of “I am purchasing for a team member”, and then read and checkmark the “I agree to the terms and conditions below”. Then click “Continue Checkout”.
  9. You will be directed to the final confirmation page. Please look over the order and make sure it is correct.  If you are satisfied with the order, click on “place order”.
  10. You will be directed to the receipt page.  Your receipt will have been emailed to your registration email address.  You may also print the receipt by clicking the “For a printable receipt, click here”.
  11. The amount in your receipt may fluctuate (by your team manager) for shipping and additional taxes if they apply.




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