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Real Uniform Fittings

Uniform Fittings – All teams have dates set aside to get fitted for their new Real uniform.

To help expedite the sizing process, all players should arrive in shorts and t-shirt.  Players can try-on the uniforms right over their clothes.  This will avoid having to use a dressing room and causing a backlog.

At the end of each individual fitting, the parent/player will receive a sizing form.  This will assist you when placing your order online through your team account.

Please plan on attending the specified date for your team at the Real Colorado Soccer Office, 8200 S. Akron St., Suite 122, Centennial, CO 80112.

  • U11 Girls National             June 9th 4PM
  • U11 Girls Olympico           June 9th 5PM
  • U11 Girls Red                   June 9th 6PM
  • U11 Girls White                 June 9th 7PM
  • U11 Boys National             June 10th 4PM
  • U11 Boys Olympico           June 10th 5PM
  • U11 Boys Red                   June 10th 6PM
  • U11 Boys White                 June 10th 7PM
  • U11 Boys Silver                 June 12th 6:00PM
  • U11 Girls Gold                   June 11th 4PM
  • U11 Girls Silver                  June 11th 5PM
  • U11 Girls Bronze                June 11th 6PM
  • U11 Girls Platinum             June 11th 7PM
  • U11 Boys Gold                   June 12th 4PM
  • U11 Boys Silver                 June 12th 5PM
  • U11 Boys Bronze               June 12th 6PM
  • U11 Boys Platinum          June 12th 7PM

ALL U12 & older - Soccer Stop Corporate Office 15055 E. Hinsdale Dr., Centennial 80112

  • Real Girls                            June 16th  5:30-8:30 pm
  • Real Boys                            June 17th   5:30-8:30 pm

Uniform Numbering System –

National – 1-20, Olympico 21-40, Athletico 21-40, Black 61-80, Red 41-60, White 61-80, Gold 81-99, Silver 21-40, Bronze 41-60, Platinum 61-80

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