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REAL GK Training Philosophy:
At REAL we believe our GK’s should have a thorough understanding of their position & its subsequent training. We will deliberately define age group- specific competencies, and ensure that our training sessions reinforce the mastery of appropriate techniques. Our belief is that this structure combined with tactical education will provide developmental building blocks for every GK to progress within the game.
REAL has restructured the previous schedule so that, in addition to weekly sessions, each GK will have the option/opportunity to attend more training. Encouraging our GK’s to participate in extra sessions is the first step in continued development. GK’s who show the desire to obtain age-level proficiency through sessions could additionally graduate to older age groups.

GK Training Dates:

Starting the week of March 16th & running through the week of May 11th

Age Group, Time, and Location:
*Every GK will be expected to attend at a minimum their once a week session*


  • U11-12 Boys 4:30-5:45PM @ Heritage (Turf)
  • U13-14 Girls 5:30-6:45PM @ Heritage (Turf)
  • U15-18 Boys 6:30-7:45PM @ Heritage (Turf)


  • U11-14 State Cup Boys & Girls 6-7:15PM @ REAL Complex (Turf)


  • U11-12 Girls 4:30-5:45PM @ Red Stone (Space Between field 5/6)
  • U13-14 Boys 5:30-6:45PM @ Red Stone (Space Between field 5/6)
  • REC Boys & Girls 6:30-7:30PM @ Red Stone (Space Between field 5/6)


  • U11-14 State Cup Boys & Girls 6-7:15PM @ REAL Complex (Turf)

If you have any questions please contact

Clint Baumstark  (303)694-6882×126
Joe Shaw  (303)694-6882×107

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