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Competitive Program FAQ


Program Description

What is the Real Colorado Competitive soccer program?

Competitive soccer is for focused, highly motivated, talented players, who want to experience the enjoyment and developmental benefits that come from a) professional coaching, b) a high volume of soccer, and c) training and competing with and against other focused, talented, achievement-oriented players. Recreational soccer is focused on equal play in a non-competitive environment, and offers a social experience for youth soccer players.

Competitive players train regularly to develop soccer skills and training habits that will enable them to acquire a sense of mastery and competence (with a focus on long-term rather than short-term development), and to compete successfully in inter-club competitions. When a player becomes part of Real Colorado’s competitive soccer program, they begin a journey that ultimately not only strengthens their game, but also teaches the life skills of teamwork, dedication, friendship and being part of a supportive community.

Why should my child join Real's Competitive program?

Competitive soccer is designed to develop players’ passion, skill and level of competition, through professional coaches, dedicated volunteers and a specific standard level of competition. Our competitive soccer program is nationally and consistently recognized as one of the cornerstones that has led Soccer America to rank us as a Top 20 club in the U.S. year after year. Our teams have won championships at the local, state and national level, including multiple State Cups and National Championship titles.

How can Real's Competitive program prepare my child for the future?

Real players have gone on to play for colleges and universities across the country as well as the Women’s Professional League, Major League Soccer, and the US Soccer National Team program. Our players often build lifelong relationships during their time with our club and give back to Real after college graduation with their time and talents.


How do I register my child for the Competitive soccer program?

Once your child has completed tryouts, you will be contacted by a coach regarding their team placement.  If you accept the team placement, you will next be contacted by the Team Manager who will walk you through preparing for season, from our online registration process, to uniform information and more.

What is the cost to play Competitive soccer for Real?

Competitive fees range from $585 to $915 per season ($1170 to $1830 per year). Payments can be made in 3 installments. All Real fees include Real Colorado fees, Colorado Youth Soccer team/player registration, referee fee, regular field rental expenses and maintenance, coach’s fees for one season only. The fees do not include indoor fees, tournament fees or expenses, uniform or other team expenses.

Do I need to register to tryout?

Yes, you must register online prior to the tryout session. Tryouts are typically held in late May and are for placement for the entire Fall and Spring season. Players hoping to join Real’s Competitive Program between Fall and Spring should contact Real and will be placed as space and ability permit.  Contact information can be found in the Contacts and More Information section of this FAQ.

What is the refund policy?

Real Colorado does not offer refunds, credits or fee transfers for the Competitive program with the strict exception of the following situations:

– If Real Colorado is unable to place your child on a team a full refund will be offered.
– If you move out of Douglas County prior to the start of the season for which you have registered, a refund minus a $100.00 handling fee will be honored.
– If before the 3rd scheduled season game your child is unable to finish the season due to a physician documented illness or injury, a refund minus a $100.00 handling fee will be honored. (Refund requests due to injury must be made within 2 weeks of injury or illness and must have a doctor’s note.)

*While we will make an attempt, when possible, to place your child on another team to accommodate your schedule, refunds are not available due to scheduling conflicts.  There will be no reimbursements of any kind on games cancelled due to weather, acts of God or forfeits of opposing teams.  Late payments and payment plan fees are non-refundable.

Age Groups, Games  & Practices

Who will coach the competitive teams?

Experienced, professional coaches will coach all of our competitive teams.

How many Competitive teams does Real field per age group?

There are several levels of teams within each age group. Real Colorado will create as many teams as we have qualified coaches and dedicated players. Typically Real Colorado has 6-8 new teams for both U11 girls and U11 boys. Do we have a more specific answer here? i.e. Typically 3-5 teams are formed per age group? Each level of team is referred to by its own distinct name. All teams require a commitment to the team, a consistent work ethic, support of the coach and club expectations. Be aware that the highest level teams in each age group will have a rigorous training schedule and will compete in several out of state tournaments each year.

What happens to the team when high school starts?

Age groups U-11 through U-14 compete during both the fall and spring seasons. For high school age groups, boys’ teams compete in the Spring for club and girls compete in the Fall for club.

My child wants to play other sports during the year, Can they still play on a Real competitive team?

We recognize that many players enjoy other sports. This is an important consideration in team placement for your child. The higher the level of team, the greater the expectation for training, travel and costs. When a team travels, our goal is to compete to win the tournament. If you know that your child will have conflicts with other sports or family commitments, you should discuss that with the coaching staff PRIOR to team placement. When you accept a team placement, you are committing to all the player expectations for the team. Players should have a positive soccer experience if they are placed on the team that meets their soccer ability as well as personal goals.

Team Formation

When can my child join a competitive team?

Real Colorado has competitive teams in ages U-11 through U-18 for both girls and boys. Check our birth date chart to determine where your child’s age fits. For players who do not meet the age requirement, Real Colorado offers Junior Academy, a program for U9 and U10 players that provides the developmental bridge between recreational and competitive soccer for players whose intent is to become a competitive player at U11. You can learn more about the Junior Academy program here.

What's the first step in the Real Colorado Competitive Tryout process?

All players who wish to participate on a Real Colorado team should attend a scheduled try-out session. As stated above, current Real players are observed throughout the soccer season at both trainings and matches by members of the Real coaching staff to ensure placement on the most appropriate team for the ensuing season. Non-Real players considering placement on a Real team will be observed at a try-out session by the Real coaching staff.

When will I find out to which team my player is assigned?

At the try-out session, you will provide both player and parent contact information. In general, you will receive a phone call from a Real coaching staff member regarding your placement within 72 hours of the tryout. Your child will be asked to accept or decline placement.

How are players assigned to each team and what teams are there?

For current Real players, the formal try-out session is a small tool used in team placement. Players are evaluated at trainings and matches throughout the year by their team coach and other Real staff coaches. Real coaches will have made a comprehensive evaluation of current players prior to try-outs. Tryouts begin on the Tuesday after Memorial Day weekend. Some of the criteria used in the evaluation process include:

–Club or team played on for the previous season
–Technical ability
–Skill in the air
–Speed of play
–Movement off the ball
–Work rate

Teams begin at the Bronze level, and players can progress through Silver, Gold, White, Red, Olympico and National, the highest level team.  In additional, Real is one of the only clubs in our state to offer the US Soccer Development Academy (boys) and Elite Clubs National League (girls) programs for an elite level of competitive play.

Once my child accepts a position on a team, what happens next?

For the newly formed U-11 teams, you will be notified of a parent/player meeting at which time key information regarding the club and upcoming season will be disseminated. For existing teams, the Team Manager will begin to distribute information. If you are new to Real, the Team Manager is a volunteer parent who serves as the liaison between the club and parents/players and will be contacting you to discuss registration/uniforms/player accounts and other essential information.

I think my child should have been placed on a higher level team. How can I get them moved up?
We recognize that tryouts are stressful for both players and parents and we understand that everyone has high expectations. The Real coaching staff is quite adept at evaluating player technical skill, athleticism, work rate and potential. During tryouts, each player will be “scored” by several different Real coaches to ensure an accurate assessment. Remember, for current Real players, they have been observed all year and their placement is not based solely on their performance at tryouts. We encourage you to trust our player evaluations and support your child as they settle in with their assigned team. Your positive attitude will contribute to their growth and soccer experience.


What uniforms do the competitive teams wear?
The competitive uniform kit includes home and away jerseys, shorts and socks, as well as warm-ups and backpack. The kit is purchased as package from our apparel partner, Soccer Stop. Each competitive team will have a specific date and time set aside to get fitted for their new Real uniform.  You can see our uniforms page here.

Contacts & More Information

Who can I contact for more information?

Competitive Player Registration – Diane Demmel – or 303-694-6882 x103

Competitive Program Administration – U15+ Boys and Girls, Neil Payne – or 303-694-6882 x114

Competitive Program Administration – U11 – U14 Boys, Shawn Comegys – or 303-694-6882 x117

Competitive Program Administration – U11 – U14 Girls, Lyle Lebere – or 303-694-6882 x112

If you have a general question or are not sure who to direct your question to, please email anytime for assistance.

How do I get more involved with my team at Real Colorado?
We’re excited to have you join the Real Colorado family. There are many opportunities to get involved with the club, from volunteering as a Team Manager, Team Treasurer to volunteering for events like Casino Real and organizing and supporting team fundraising activities. Please contact Diane Demmel – or 303-694-6882 x103 to learn more.
Where can I learn more about Real and its programs?

Visit us at, then hover over the Competitive Menu at the top to see more information on our competitive soccer programs.  You can also find updates on upcoming camps under the camps menu.  We encourage you to explore our site and if you have any questions, please contact one of our staff members.

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